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Jazzabella Soho 2282
Jazzabella 1965
Years ago I was asked if I would dare to build an archtop jazz guitar with nylon strings. After careful consideration and many conversations with colleagues, I decided on this project. Due to the low self-resonances, the Jazzabella works very well, even at high volumes and in a band context. With the unusually cleanly differentiated frequency spectrum and the easy response, it is very present and also very assertive without drowning out the musician colleagues.
"The Zucali Jazzabella model is a one of a kind nylon string jazz guitar. It sounds amazingly natural plugged in, and also feels great in the hands. I had a wonderful time using the Jazzabella to jam with a Gypsy Jazz band at a recent guitar festival in Europe. As well, the guitar looks amazing ... it was certainly the talk of the show; a perfect combination of a jazz and nylon construction. Bravo Daniel on an amazing new design and idea for guitars. I guarantee that you'll love playing this guitar!"
Adam Rafferty
Although the beautiful jazzabella appears tenderly in nylon, she has a lot of wumps and can also get very loud. Playing with her is a dream. Differentiated sound, silky highs and rich, crisp bass. And as it should be for a good character, direct and honest! Once started, you want to spend hours with her and never leave her again.
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