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The term "crossover guitar" has been established for a few years now. I personally understand it to be a classical guitar that also accommodates a steel-string guitarist and offers the possibility to make music on stage together with fellow musicians even at very high volumes.

I also followed this development and over time created my own concept.

The guitar was tested by Kosho before a big concert with a large and high-quality PA system. Because everything worked so well right away, the guitar was played live afterwards. I found the confirmation that my concept works perfectly beyond my expectations.
The first show with Kosho's Zucali Crossover was a literal“ ear opener ”. Not only did the guitar sound very good acoustically - the three channels of the pickup system gave me countless possibilities for creative sound shaping on in-ears and wedges. I didn't have to compromise on the sound in order to keep the signals free of feedback, but could easily achieve a full, broadband and natural sounding signal. A special highlight was the immersive placement of the signals in our binaural in-ear system KLANG: fabrik.
Phil Kamp
"Which guitarist would not want an instrument that offers amplification options across all stylistic boundaries? A guitar that meets the acoustic and dynamic requirements and is absolutely convincing in sound without amplification! Those who value perfect craftsmanship and enjoyment has a special design, you will inevitably come across the "Crossover" by Daniel Zucali. A guitar that lies very well in the hand and is amazingly comfortable to play! "
Johannes Monno
As a FOH / monitor technician in the PA, the signal quality at the microphone input is of crucial importance. The crossover guitar played by Michael "Kosho" Koschorreck on a tour seems to adhere to this principle one hundred percent. The built-in Miniflex microphones and the shadow pickup reproduce the instrument very naturally, down to the lowest frequencies. This high signal quality, paired with an unprecedented level of protection against feedback, is unique!
Ansgar Friemel, FOH technician at Revolverheld, Gregor Meyle, Henning Wehland, Pohlmann and many more.
"I play primarily fingerstyle, so I am used to "plugging in" and going into some type of DI box, and then into the house "PA system.” When I plugged in the Crossover model, I was amazed to hear a wonderful nylon string sound, and also amazed at the craftsmanship and comfort the guitar offers. Daniel is a master builder and the guitar is a pleasure to play. Thank you Daniel for this amazing guitar!

You’ll love playing the crossover model."
Adam Rafferty
“The Zucali Crossover is incomparably well suited for my electro-acoustic performances, because I have rarely seen such a lifelike reproduction of the acoustic sound via a pickup system. This instrument does not seem to know annoying feedback and gives everything and more in the transmission of the percussive sounds.

Daniel Zucali didn't just think about the reinforced "nylon string" guitar - he made it strong! "
Michael "Kosho" Koschorreck
When I plugged this crossover model in, I was amazed to hear a wonderful nylon string sound. And when I saw the "rust finish" it reminded me of an elegant and artistic part of New York City called "Soho" known for it's iron gates, art galleries and fashion boutiques. I already feel a new musical inspiration and a creative journey as a result of playing this one of a kind Zucali guitar. Thank you Daniel!
Adam Rafferty