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Listen to my guitars and find out more about them, myself and the music performed on ZUCALI guitars.
Every line of worry dwindles away as long as there is the magic of a song.
Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (1759 – 1805)
Ö1 Apropos Musik
During the broadcast Apropos Musik I was portrayed by Maria Reininger in Radio Ö1, a radio station of the ORF (the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation).
Arranged by Riedlecker
Simon Riedlecker currently plays the guitar model Aline made of Appletree, Spruce, lattice-bracing with a monitor sound hole in the side. You can listen to this guitar in three wonderfull recordings named "Wirbelwind", "Resurrection" and "Swedish folksong".
Daniel Zucali · Simon Riedlecker