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Jazzabella Soho 2282
Santino Quint 1967
Santino Terz 1861
Santino QB 1860
Aline 17/10
Elia 001 21
Terz Klassik 21/11
All the guitars that are listed on this website can be tried out in my cosy office in the city of Haag. They are all unique pieces in their own right. I am looking forward to your visit…

The models Santino and Elia are simple in designed and can be obtained at a starting price of EUR 4,180. For the basic models, I use tuners by Rubner and a matte lacquer finish. The Aline model is priced from EUR 5,940, has tuners by Nicoló Alessi, a high-gloss lacquer finish and a shellac coated soundboard.

Please contact me for more information on prices for the guitars listed below.
We have tried some of his models and can only emphasize that all the instruments belong in the top of their class.
Duo Siqueira Lima