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Santino QB 2283
Santino QB 2176
Santino TB 2177
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Santino TB 2179
Santino Quint 1967
Santino Terz 1861
Santino QB 1860
Santino QB 1864
Santino Bassbariton 1855
Terz LIGITA 2015
Santino Terz 23/11
Santino Quintbass 25/11
Santiago Terz
Terz Klassik 10/10
Terz Klassik 21/11
I don't know a string quartet with four violins or a choir consisting only of sopranos ... and there's a reason for that! With different vocal registers the music becomes more multi-faceted, different timbres come to light, which well used music brings to life!

In the meantime there are instruments, that are slowly establishing themselves, others are completely unknown. Larger ensembles sometimes use octave or bass octave guitars. Yet baritone (quint-bass), terz or quint guitars are virtually unknown, even though they sound wonderful in an ensemble or played solo. Giuliani even wrote a Concerto in F-major for terz guitar.
“The baritone guitar of Daniel Zucali is one of the most incredible instruments I have ever played.”
Bob Bonastre