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No woman is asleep so soundly that the sound of a guitar wouldn’t lure her to the window.
Spanish proverb
my passion is building classical guitars in various sizes, types and shapes.
This includes multi stringed guitars with up to 18 strings, guitars of different tunings and sizes, from the octave guitar to the bass guitar. Also crossover guitars and even archtop jazz guitars with nylon strings are made in my studio.

I started my career as a luthier in 1990. Ever since I passed my journeyman's examination in 1995, I have been focusing on building the classical guitars.

The following pages offer some insight into my life as a master luthier. You will also find various information on, photography of and news about my work.

All the best,
Daniel Zucali
If one day I die, bury me with my guitar under the sands.
Federico Garcia Lorca
(1898 -–1936)
Anyone who works in a creative profession, knows the feeling of being connected to his work. Every guitar tells its own story from the very beginning of its existence.
My instruments are custom-made and all bear a soul within them.

Since all of my guitars are handmade, it is possible for me to attend to many special wishes of my customers.
I always consider the playing habits and preferences of the individual guitarist. Therefore, to this each instrument is built using the appropriate timber and is individually modified to the players’ desires.

It is best if the guitarist visits my workshop for a detailed discussion before I begin working on his instrument, and upon completion collects it personally so I can make any finishing touches.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in one of my guitars. I appreciate the personal contact with my clients highly.
Without music, life would be a mistake.
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
(1844 - 1900)
Many guitarists and friends have known me and my instruments personally for many years. Some of them have also written a few words about these encounters.

Here you can read comments and opinions of various musicians and friends.

Every year there are countless, and above all also beautiful events, of which unfortunately I can only attend a few.

Again and again I am on the road, and mostly WITH my instruments! I look forward to hearing your music, meeting friends and getting to know nice people.

You are welcome to arrange a meeting with me now. This way it will be easier to give enough attention to everyone who is interested in my guitars.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Best regards from beautiful Haag
... True mastery is in the details and their organic fusion respectively creating harmony between sound construction, the best possible materials, contemporary designs and artisan craftsmanship. Daniel Zucali proves to have it all ...
Franz Holtmann
(Akustik Gitarre 2/2011)
”Playing” an instrument already begins while it is being created. In order to achieve the desired result, the instrument maker has to become one with his instrument. While I am conceptualizing the way the instrument will be constructed, and while searching for the right materials, I already identify myself closely with the emerging instrument.

The art of woodworking goes beyond pure structure, acoustics and handicraft. My ”game with the instrument” takes place in a cosy studio far away from the stress of the city. Taking time for what’s important, feelings from nature and the demands of performance, emotion and music are – all this is incorporated into guitars.
The one who has no music within him, who is not touched by the harmony of sweet sounds is only good for betrayal, robbery and trickery…never trust such a one!
William Shakespeare
(1564 - 1616)
It was clear from my youngest years that my destiny was closely tied to music. With time my talent for handicrafts took over and my ambition to make music fell behind.

However, my fascination with music and everything associated with it finally made me connect my crafty talent and my love for music.\

After working as a professional luthier in other workshops, I eventually opened my own workshop. The basis for a life with, and for music, is my ever developing creativity. My qualification as a Master Luthier, and the decision to open my own workshop, have inspired me in this lifelong project.
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Knowledge does not come by reading but rather by thinking about the read.
Carl Hilty
(1833 – 1909)
Print media, TV, articles, documentaries, reports, commentaries and music about or with a ZUCALI -guitar. There is lots to explore.
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Master Luthier | Daniel Zucali
Schubertstrasse 1 | 3350 Haag | Austria
Tel. +43 7434 / 44 55 9 | Mobil +43 676 / 446 39 38

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