It was clear from my youngest years that my destiny was closely tied to music. With time my talent for handicrafts took over and my ambition to make music fell behind.

However, my fascination with music and everything associated with it finally made me connect my crafty talent and my love for music.

After working as a professional luthier in other workshops, I eventually opened my own workshop. The basis for a life with, and for music, is my ever developing creativity. My qualification as a Master Luthier, and the decision to open my own workshop, have inspired me in this lifelong project.
The one who has no music within him, who is not touched by the harmony of sweet sounds is only good for betrayal, robbery and trickery…never trust such a one!
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)
It is not about giving life more days, but rather give the days more life.
Cicely Saunders 1918 – 2005
Daniel Zucali
I was born in the Bregenzer Wald (Vorarlberg, Austria) in 1977 as the second child to a musically oriented family. I was surrounded by music from birth. Each of my siblings learned to play an instrument and I chose the flute and the guitar.

During my years in music school, I focussed on the guitar. Because of my special relationship with this instrument, I decided to take up an apprenticeship at a technical college, which specialized in woodwork, after my graduation.

There I learned so much about the use of different materials and the construction of string instruments.

The world-renowned name of Bubenreuth and it’s instrument builders finally lured me to Germany.

This was a good decision as I was able to absorb all the abilities that are of utmost importance for a luthier. Furthermore, I was able to build up more knowledge, test it in my work and further refine and perfect my skills.

The sabbatical year in Mexico where I lived, worked and learned different ways of life was a real blessing. I renewed my decision to dedicate my life to the guitar and continued my education with a Master´s degree.

I developed my designs and new instruments.

After 17 years of working at in my craft, I decided to open my own workshop in order to have the necessary space and time to develop my own ideas. I also became a proud father for the first time in 2006 and it was time to stand on my own two feet.

Since the opening of my workshop at the beginning of 2008, I have been able to concentrate on design concepts for my own guitars, and to realise my own visions and dreams.
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
Confucius (551 - 479 B.C.)
Highschool for music HS12 in Linz Harbach (Austria)

Technical College for woodworks in Hallstadt (Austria) Graduation as an apprentice in string instrument building

Apprentice at Hanika Luthiers in Baiersdorf (Germany)

Sabbatical in Mexico to learn about the country, its people and culture

Graduated as a Master Luthier and valedictorian of my class

Master Luthier at Hanika Luthiers in Baiersdorf (Germany)

Opening of my own workshop at the Miedlhof in Strengberg, Lower Austria

Opening of my new workshop in the city of Haag, Lower Austria
You never should be too busy to have time to ponder over things.
Life is a well of inspiration to me. Whether during our daily breakfast, listening to music, playing with my children or on my travels – I find ideas for my work everywhere.

New thoughts about how to build a guitar develop from trial and error. The more open and curious I am, the easier inspiration finds me.