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“... Since character is never created by equality of different factors even a good instrument is influenced by a blend of various means to achieve tonal effectiveness. A fine luthier such as Daniel Zucali knows how to control such influences with full awareness ...”

A guitar with remarkable charm The unique character of this instrument – both visual and acoustic – derives from the fine materials used in its construction. Her excellent projection and rich sound will fill any concert hall with ease up to the last rows. The instrument’s ability to provide so many tone-colours and so much variety of timbre across every register is sure to inspire.

A raised fretboard improves the playability of high notes significantly and is the most prominent feature of this guitar.

This instrument bears the melodious name of my daughter.

With tuners by Nicoló Alessi, a high gloss lacquer finish and a polished shellac soundboard, this instrument is available from EUR 5,400. Additional information available upon request.
... Da Charakter nie durch die Egalität aller Faktoren entsteht, ist auch ein gutes Instrument in seinen Klangeigenschaften immer von einer Melange der tonal wirksamen Mittel geprägt. Und die steuert ein guter Gitarrenbauer wie Daniel Zucali durchaus bewusst ...
Franz Holtmann (Akustik Gitarre 2/2011)